Worship involves celebration and confession

Leviticus 23:44 So Moses gave the Israelites these instructions regarding the annual festivals of the Lord.

The book of Leviticus is filled with God’s laws that teach the people how to live their life to honor God and how to worship Him properly.  As we can see from the detailed instructions God gave to the Israelites regarding the annual festivals, worship involves celebration and confession.  God encourages joy and does not intend for religion to be only about meditation and introspection.  Though serious reflection of our attitudes and behaviors and confession of sins are necessary, we should also celebrate who God is and what God has done for us.

God orchestrated the worship of the Israelites through Aaron and his sons as priests who were the only ones who were allowed to carry out the duties of the priests and approach God’s dwelling place.  Now that Jesus is our High Priest, those who follow Him are also called priests and can enter God’s presence thanks to Christ being our intermediary.

‘May the Lord bless you
and protect you.
May the Lord smile on you
and be gracious to you.
May the Lord show you his favor
and give you his peace.’ (Numbers 6:24-26)

My reading schedule this week:

February 26    Numbers 7

February 27    Numbers 8-10

February 28   Numbers 11-13

March 1           Numbers 14-15 Psalms 90

March 2            Numbers 16-17

March 3             Numbers 18-20

March 4              Numbers 21-22

NOTE:  I am following the Chronological Timeline from ewordtoday.com


About Jill Potts Jones

I am a Believer. I believe in God. I believe that Jesus Christ is THE Son of God. I believe that Jesus died so I can have eternal life. I am not ashamed to say that the Lord Jesus Christ is my God and my Savior!
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One Response to Worship involves celebration and confession

  1. Sounds like you’ve got that “priesthood of the believer” thing down pretty good! 🙂 I really like your “about Jill Potts Jones” footer.

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