Living a Holy Life in an Unholy World

Leviticus 11:44-45 “For I am the Lord your God.  You must consecrate yourselves and be holy, because I am holy.  So do not defile yourselves with any of these small animals that scurry along the ground.  For I, the Lord, am the one who brought you up from the land of Egypt, that I might be your God.  Therefore, you must be holy because I am holy.”

The sacrificial system was designed by God to teach the Israelites about faith, sensitize them to their sin and guilt, and demonstrate their need for repentance and restoration.  The purpose of rituals was to reveal the holiness of God.  His sacrifices and laws showed the true devotion of the heart.

In Leviticus 2:13, the Israelites are reminded to season all of their grain offerings with salt to remind them of God’s eternal covenant and were told never to forget the salt.  Salt penetrates, preserves and aids in healing, and is a symbol of God’s work in our lives.  By allowing Him to penetrate every part of our life, He will preserve us from evil and heal our sins and we can be the salt of the earth as Jesus mentions in Matthew 5:13.

In Leviticus 6, we are told about the fire on the altar that was started by God and ordered to never be allowed to go out.  This holy fire represented God’s continual presence.  It is present in our lives today as the Holy Spirit.

Performing the sacrifices properly was an act of obedience and showed respect for God. It is easy to grow careless and to live our way rather than God’s way.  If one way was as good as another, God would not have had to offer His Son as a sacrifice for our sins.

We need to prepare ourselves for worshiping a God who gave His all for us.  We cannot live any way we please during the week and come into God’s presence on Sunday and hope for true change.  We have two choices:  we can set ourselves apart from the world or we can compromise with the world.  God calls us to be holy but doesn’t make us do it alone.  With Christ, we can live in the world without being of the world.

My reading schedule this week:

February 19   Leviticus 19-21

February 20  Leviticus 22-23

February 21   Leviticus 24-25

February 22   Leviticus 26-27

February 23   Numbers 1-2

February 24   Numbers 3-4

February 25   Numbers 5-6

NOTE:  I am following the Chronological Timeline from


About Jill Potts Jones

I am a Believer. I believe in God. I believe that Jesus Christ is THE Son of God. I believe that Jesus died so I can have eternal life. I am not ashamed to say that the Lord Jesus Christ is my God and my Savior!
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