God Will Make a Way (August 23, 2013)

Isaiah 43:18-19 Forget the former things, do not dwell on the past.  See, I am doing a new thing!  Now it springs up;  do you not perceive it?  I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.

There are times when we feel distant from God when our spiritual lives are dry as a desert.  It is hard to see the lush fields and flowing streams of water in the distance.  Sometimes the barrenness and heat of the desert makes us want to run away and hide.  When we experience the dry, humid rain of pain and suffering that sometimes comes during our desert time, we feel isolated and alone and desperate.

Whatever the reason for these desert times, whether it’s living in a sinful world or caused by our own or someone else’s actions, they will not last forever and God is with us even if we cannot feel His presence.  Don’t waste your time in the desert.  Continue to read and meditate on Scripture.  Continue to pray asking God to help you discover what He’s trying to teach you.  And, last but not least, don’t ignore the beauty along the way.  The desert offers some beautiful scenery if we are paying attention.

“And because you are in this desert today, you can know that God is making a way for you in it.  He will see to it that even in this particular (and maybe peculiar) desert experience, precious flowers will begin to grow.  And so those flowers begin to spring up in your desert, they will release a beautiful fragrance in your life. For God is doing a new thing.  Do you not perceive it?”¹

[Read Numbers 1-12]

Numbers 6:24-27  “‘May the Lord bless you
and protect you.
May the Lord smile on you
and be gracious to you.
May the Lord show you his favor
and give you his peace.’
Whenever Aaron and his sons bless the people of Israel in my name, I myself will bless them.”

Father God,
Desert times feel lonely and the blessings of life seem slim, but You are there.  Desert times are often times of learning.  Help me see the way You provide in my desert times.  Amen.

¹Leighann McCoy, “A Woman’s Guide to Hearing God’s Voice” (Bloomington, Minnesota, Bethany House Publishers, 2013)
p. 189


About Jill Potts Jones

I am a Believer. I believe in God. I believe that Jesus Christ is THE Son of God. I believe that Jesus died so I can have eternal life. I am not ashamed to say that the Lord Jesus Christ is my God and my Savior!
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