Turn Back and Live (March 1, 2013)

Ezekiel 18:30-32  “Therefore, I will judge each of you, O people of Israel, according to your actions,” says the Sovereign Lord.  Repent, and turn from your sins.  Don’t let them destroy you!  Put all your rebellion behind you, and find yourselves a new heart and a new spirit.  For why should you die, O people of Israel? I don’t want you to die,” says the Sovereign Lord.  “Turn back and live!”

God desires for us to live holy lives.  He wants us to be righteous and pure.  He grieves when we turn away from doing right and follow the path of evil.  In Ezekiel 18, God pleads with the Israelites to repent and turn away from their evil behavior.  Are you travelling a dark path?  When you try to turn back, does the evil path tug at you?  Do you feel like living a life pleasing to God is too difficult?

God says that if you repent and put the rebellion behind you, you will live.  He wants you to find a new heart and a new spirit–one that does not hold evil and rebellion.  In Ezekiel’s day, Israel was prostituting themselves for pleasure.  They were living in sin out of an irrational desire to live their lives apart from God.  They didn’t want to be obedient to His commandments they wanted to seek pleasure–quite like we do today.

Even though over and over again they had seen God’s wrath, they continued in their evil, rebellious ways.  Many people today know God, believe in God and want to go to heaven, yet they are unwilling to pay the cost.  They believe they will always have time to repent and ask for forgiveness.  But there are no guarantees in life.  No one is promised tomorrow.  Turn back while there is still time–time to live for God, do His will and die without regrets.

Father God,
Living our lives for the sake of pleasure is never as fulfilling as people say. Thank You, Lord, for Your patience, grace and mercy.  Open the eyes of the pleasure-seekers before it’s too late.  Amen.


About Jill Potts Jones

I am a Believer. I believe in God. I believe that Jesus Christ is THE Son of God. I believe that Jesus died so I can have eternal life. I am not ashamed to say that the Lord Jesus Christ is my God and my Savior!
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